Sunday, June 19, 2011

Telephone Booth

This bright red telephone booth in front of a store on Jalan Sulanjana is very eye-cathing. It looks somewhat like a British phone booth, a kitsch of it. Our ordinary telephone booths don't like this, of course. It has probably been placed there to attract customers to the store.

Like in many other countries, phone booths have become a rarity here since the boom of cellular phones. With more than 180 million cell phone subscribers (that's about 80 percent of Indonesian population) according to 2010 statistics, most people here now have and use cell phones more than they do fixed phones. Hence, most phone booths or pay phones have now become obsolete.


Typically Dutch said...

Here in Holland you don't see the cell phones not so much anymore.
But I still like them,specialy the Red British ones.

Leif Hagen said...

We sure don't have many pay phones left like this one around here anyomore!

norehan said...

I like this phone booth. It's so unique and different. Definitely we don't get to see that kind of phone booth here in Malaysia. Love you blog and Bandung especially. I've been to Bandung once and to tell you the truth it is the most fascinating city in Indonesia.