Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cilempung

A young man playing the cilempung.

Cilempung is a traditional Sundanese bamboo musical instrument. If you want to know how it is played and what kind of sound it produces, you can go to Bandung Daily Photo's sister blog Bandung Daily Video and check it out.

Although both are Sundanse traditional musical instruments and the names are nearly the same, cilempung should be differentiated from celempung. The former is a percussion type of instrument, the latter is a string musical instrument. And while the former is made entirely from Bandung bamboo, the latter is made of wood and strings.


Gildo Kaldorana said...

Salam dari Barcelona

Julie said...

I like the deep resonating sound that the cilempung makes in our video. However, I will hunt around and try to find a cilempung as complex as the one in your photograph which looks like it is played a bit like a gamelan or xylephone. I did a story on the gamelan this week just gone. I do like its sound.

Julie said...

Oh, Eki, thank you so much for that. I am glad I visited and that you were able to come in return. I had no idea who/when the gavels altered. To my ear a wooden gavel is the more melodious sound.

Once again, my thanks ...

Hilda said...

We have our own bamboo instruments and bands, but I've never seen them up close. Love the sound.

I like how this seems to be entirely organic - rattan to attach the pieces?

Eki said...

Gildo: Terima kasih. Salam kembali dari Bandung.

Julie: It's my pleasure.

Hilda: Thanks. Yes, it's all organic.