Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clay Limbs

I spotted these clay limbs at the corridor in front of the sculpture studio at the Department of Fine Arts of the Indonesia University of Education (UPI) Bandung. Although they did not look perfect yet, they way they were placed looked somewhat intriguing. I snapped this photo with they toy camera on my cell phone and present it as it is without any editing.


Dina said...

Kind of strange to come upon these disjointed parts.

Eki, thanks for your comments and questions. Makes me realize I should not assume that the whole world know about the Masada story. In America they saw the TV movie about it.

Yes, thanks, Naomi and Libby arrived safely back home. From Israel we fly east to Australia, usually stopping in Bangkok.
I think the total flying time in over 21 hours.
How Naomi does it with a toddler less than 2 years old, I don't know.

Virginia said...

Don't you love to walk up on something interesting like this! So many walked right by I would think, but as a photographer, it grabbed your attention. Well spotted Eki.