Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fighting Ram

A few days ago, I accompanied my Australian students to walk in and out of kampongs at Geger Kalong Girang area in the north of Bandung. Among the dense houses, there was a an empty plot of land with a goat pen in one of its corners. There we saw a couple of strong and healthy looking rams. We asked a man who happened to be sitting close by about them. He said they were fighting rams.

Ram fighting (known locally as 'adu domba') is quite a popular Sundanese (West Javanese people) traditional game. I have yet to post a story about it, but - frankly speaking - I still feel a bit apprehensive that such a story might be repulsive for some of my viewers who may be thinking that such a tradition is cruel.

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Dina said...

He has beautiful coloring and impressive horns.
If rams bash each other I guess they are just doing what rams have to do.