Saturday, July 6, 2013

1.7 Million Years Giant Turtle

This is another fossil collection of Bandung Museum of Geology: A 1.7 million years giant turtle (Megalochelys cf. sivalensis, also, formerly named Geochelone atlas). From this fossil, we know that the living turtle would have been 1.5 meter tall and 2 meter long. The fossil was excavated from the Glagah River area in Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia.

Fosil kura-kura raksasa koleksi Museum Geologi Bandung. Fosil ini ditemukan di daerah kali Glagah, Bumiayu, Jawa Tengah dan berusia sekitar 1,7 juta tahun. Pada masa hidupnya, kura-kura ini tingginya 1,5 meter dan panjangnya sekitar 2 meter (kira-kira sebesar dan setinggi kerbau)

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Photo Cache said...

two years ago we went to see a giant green turtle lay eggs, they are incredible.