Sunday, July 21, 2013

Climbing Gunung Masigit

After the Pawon Cave (see previous two posts), our next destination is the Stone Gardens at the top of Gunung Masigit.

Gunung Masigit (literally: Mosque Mountain) is located right at the top of the Pawon Cave. To get to the Stone Gardens, we took this climbing route around the northwestern side of Gunung Masigit which begins at the base of the cave. The climbing route was quite steep, some parts of it could very well have more than 45 degree angle slant, I think. It was quite exhausting especially for those who are not accustomed to climbing or are not fit physically.

Fortunately the track was quite well-prepared. At the more steep parts, we found this assist rope that we can hold on to to help secure ourselves from falling back and give leverage to our climb.

The climb took more than an hour for us because some of us had to rest frequently along the way. But for those who are physically fit, it would normally take only about 45 minutes or less, according to our guides.

Note: I learned later that this was apparently not the only route to the stone garden. There's another route that is less strenuous that we can take from the other side of the mountain. And it was the one we took on our way back.

Pendakian ke Taman Bebatuan (Stone Garden) di Puncak Gunung Masigit dapat dilakukan melalui dua rute. Rute berangkat yang kami lalui, yang berawal dari dasar Gua Pawon, cukup terjal. Rute lain, yang kami lewati dalam perjalanan pulang, cukup landai dan jauh lebih mudah dilalui. Rute kedua ini terletak di sisi selatan Gunung Masigit.


Photo Cache said...

trekking and mountain climbing seem to be gaining popularity with the masses.

Jesh St Germain said...

But you made it! 45 degree angle - I don't know if I'm fit enough, lol!
Haven't been to your blog in so long. Hope you are doing well?

opik said...

and visit the "Stone garden", its so amazing.