Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eiger Store Display

A few days ago I attended a photograpers' gathering at Eiger Adventure Store on Jalan Sumatera, Bandung, to listen to an Indonesian senior photojournalist sharing his experiences documenting the life of the Baduy tribe.

The Baduy people - who call themselves Kanekes people - is a tribe who live an exclusive life by refusing/resisting external influences, and thus progess and modernity like we know it, probably in the same way as the Amish people in the United States do. They live in an enclosed area in the western part of the Province of Banten in the west of Java Island.

The Eiger Anventure Store itself is the exclusive outlet of Eiger Adventure products. Eiger Aventure is a Bandung-based manufacturer of high quality adventure gears.

I like many things about this store: the unique architecture, the interior design, the displays, its knowledgeable store attendants, and of course the products, which I have been using for a long time.

Store display di Eiger Adventure Store di Jalan Sumatera, Bandung.

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satubumikita said...

salah satu merk adventure ternama di Indonesia yg ada di bandung. salam kenal kang :)