Friday, July 12, 2013

The Track to Sang Hyang Poek

This is the continuation of my post yesterday.

From our departure point at Saguling Hydroelectric Dam, we walked south-southwest along the bank of the old (the original) Citarum River before it was diverted and dammed, past some fields and bushes like in the above photo. Our destination was Sang Hyang Poek, an ancient limestone cave which used to be situated underwater and was part of the Citarum flow but now lies above the water because the large part of the Citarum water has been diverted to feed the dam.

Sang Hyang Poek (sometimes also written Sanghyang Poek) is a Sundanese name which literally means the god of darkness. The name was probably given to describe the darkness inside the cave.

Along the way, we could see some towering limestone cliff on our leftside (see photo below). This limestone and the shells and fish fossils found in it indicate that this place used to be located under the sea. And indeed it was many thousand years ago.

To be continued tomorrow.

Ini kelanjutan dari posting kemarin. Dari PLTA Saguling, perjalanan kami dilanjutkan ke arah selatan menelusuri tepian aliran sungai Citarum lama (sebelum dialihkan dan dibendung untuk projek PLTA Saguling). Sepanjang perjalanan kita dapat melihat tebing kapur yang menjulang tinggi di sisi kiri. Tebing kapur ini dan fosil-fosil yang ditemukan di dalamnya menunjukkan bahwa daerah ini riuan tahun yang lalu terletak di bawah laut.

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