Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blame it on the referee!

The fans of a football or soccer team (or any sport teams for that matter) sometimes can't bear the fact that their team loses a game to its opponent every now and then. Whenever that happens, they need to find somebody or something they can blame so that they don't have to lose their collective ego or pride. It's almost always a convenient excuse to blame it on the wheather, the stadium, the coach, the management, a lousy player, or whatever, but never the team itself as a body, even if they believe teamwork is of utmost importance in a team sport.

For this PERSIB (Bandung Indonesian Football Association) fanatic and many others like him who call themselves "bobotoh" (a Sundanese word meaning keen supporter or fan), it's the referee. Hence the writing on the back of this helmet "Wasit Goblog!" (stupid referee!). Not very sportsman/woman-like, but hey ... that takes the burn away from their beloved team when it loses a game.


Photo Cache said...

It's global behaviour to blame it on the ref. But have a sign like that is really cool.

Catherine said...

Oh ! Yes Eki, the same excuses in the whole world.
Funny to sprint it on one's helmet.
The owner will have to change the excuse, each week !

the donG said...

hahaha... go blog! more more blogs coming out everyday i believe.