Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tribute to Prince Uwee

This is Prince Uwee, our cat. He turned one today.

This is one of the things he enjoys doing: sitting and contemplating under the potted guava tree in our backyard when it's sunny, searching for an inspiration. He wouldn't do it for long, usually, because he'd usually fall asleep soon. Perhaps he gets his inspiration when he's asleep. He surely gets smarter and wiser everytime he does this.

This was Uwee when he was only a few weeks old and just opened his eyes. Cute, isn't he?

Happy birthday, Prince Uwee. Thanks for giving us so much laughter and happiness. We love you.


Dina said...

Happy birthday Prince Uwee!
What a difference a year makes.
Easy to love a kitty like him.
Hmm, maybe *I* should try napping under a guava. :D

Photo Cache said...

Oh yeah he is cute. Is that pot his "throne"? Happy weekend.

uncleawang said...

I love cat,it's so cute & lovely pet:)
Thanks for sharing.

Myussop said...

Uwee, you've got style! Lots of hugs from Inul at

Layrayski said...

Happy birthday to your cat uwee! =) I like it that you're a cat person too! =)

Adif said...

Super duper cutey!Happy Birthday..

Rambling Woods said...

I remember when you first got him Eki.. has it really been a full year. Check out this post of my two cats...My funny cats