Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mobile Broadcasting Unit

There are 32 FM radio stations in Bandung (nearly 50 if you include those in the Greater Bandung area that includes Cimahi, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency). Many of them have mobile broadcasting unit like this to broadcast live from places around the city. Some of these radio stations - especially those with teenage market segment - even have regular live broadcast from shopping malls and other popular hang out places to engage their audience. I snapped this photo at Ciwalk sometime ago. Sorry, the picture is a bit shaky. But I keep it for the sake of reporting.


Dina said...

That's a cute van. And they broadcast from malls, no kidding?
You have so many radio stations!

Photo Cache said...

amazing, that many stations huh. at least people of bandung can be well informed.

happy weekend.

Catherine said...

You live in a so modern city, Eki !
That's what your blog and your daily posts made me discover.
I've never seen that kind of live broadcast here !! Except for a particular fair, or exhibition.. but in the day to day life, I don't.