Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saripetojo Ice Factory

This is Saripetojo ice factory on Jalan Kebun Sirih No. 18.

Saripetojo is the ice industry division of PT. Agronesia, a company owned by the Provincial Government of West Java. It operates two ice factories in Bandung and several other cities in West Java such as Cirebon, Sukabumi, and Bogor.

In addition to ice industry, PT. Agronesia - Saripetojo's parent company - also has other divisions, namely BMC (Bandoengscbe Melk Centrale/Bandung Milk Center) which is in the business of food and beverage processing and restaurant, and PT Inkaba which is in the business of rubber engineering and production for military and civilian uses.


Dina said...

An ice factory!
Well, for an ice factory that nice entrance offers a WARM welcome.

the donG said...

it's good that there's a factory owned by the government. it's quite rare here.

Myussop said...

I like the slogan on the banner.