Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kemilau Nusantara Fest 2009

Festival Kemilau Nusantara 2009 (literally: the glitter of the Indonesian archipelago fest 2009) was opened today by the governor of West Java Province Ahmad Heryawan (the man in the middle in the inset photo) this morning.

The festival is an annual event whose purpose are, among others, to showcase the Indonesian rich cultural heritage and to promote tourism. This year the representatives of 14 (out of total 33) Indonesian provinces and 18 cities and regencies in West Java take part in the festival.

To encourage quality documentation of the event, a photo contest was also held. A large number of photographers took part in the contest. I was one of them. For this reason, I will not be able to post my best shots because entries must have never been published prior to submission and judgement.

The top photo here is of some dancers waiting for the opening ceremony at the back stage. I'll post some more photos and stories about the fest tomorrow.


Dina said...

Hello again Eki! I've been out of town digging for two weeks, which means away from computers. So glad to be home for the weekend and to catch up on all your posts. You have so many interesting and beautiful things and events and people to share.

Leif Hagen said...

Absolutely gorgeous costumes which made a wonderful cultural photo! Looks like a great festival!

Julie said...

what a very interesting, colorful and stylish event.

the donG said...

oh i really wish to see them performing. though the photos alone describes how beautiful this culture is.