Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bandung's Green Shaded Street: Jalan Dr. Otten (Street)


Green shaded streets like the one in the above photo are a very common sight in the old parts of Bandung. This one is on Jalan Dr. Otten (Dr. Otten Street), a street that runs almost perpendicular to Jalan Pasteur where Dr. Hasan Sadikin Provincial Hospital is located. (To see exactly where it is, please check Bandung here.)

Trees have also been planted in the newer parts of the city, but they have not grown as big as these ones.


babooshka said...

I'm sure those tress would be topped in the UK. This is the first image I have seen that could represent many areas around the world. Tree lined roads, avenues as they are known in the UK, are somehow always associated with the Western world, yet why should this be? Our perceptions of an area are often contradicted by the daily blogs. Oh I have waffled.

Rambling Woods said...

What a beautiful street to live on..I wanted to address your comment about my birds in a cage. The feeder is caged to keep larger birds and squirrels away. The little gold finch are very shy and get bullied by larger birds, so this keeps them safe.


Besides shade, age old trees provide character and ambience to the locality. Oh, how I love to walk or drive under these huge columns of cool and clean oxygen. Wait Bandung,I'll be there.

Virginia said...

Gorgeous old trees. What a nice street!

melanie said...

Splen-di-de ! Ces arbres sont majestueux et en bonne santé. La pollution ne les touche pas ?

Cela doit être agréable de vivre à côté. Bonne idée d'avoir mis une carte.

Perdent-ils leurs feuilles en hiver ? Sont-ils habités d'oiseaux ?

Laurie said...

South Pasadena and Pasadena are both considered arbor cities -- there are so many tree lined streets here. It's nice because much of the rest of Los Angeles is more spare with trees -- except for palm trees, of course.

This is a lovely street. I like this shot a lot, Eki.

Hilda said...

I love big, old trees! I wish Metro Manila would keep its streets as shady, but most of them have been cut down from major, national highways. Only roads in private subdivisions and institutions keep their large trees nowadays.

bskaad said...

Nice street and i guess the trees make a big difference in how things look.

When I'm traveling to other countries who are warm and dry, I'm often thinking that nature seems so burned and dead.
I have a hard time imagining how it would be to live there, I'm from Norway and is used to that summer is the greenest time of year and everything is alive.

I guess you get used to it..

My point.
Some trees can make allot of differences:-)

J.C. said...

Wow, those mighty trees are beautiful! It would be lovely to drive through this street daily.