Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gedung Sate #2: Southern Facade and Some Architectural Notes


This is the photo of the southern facade of Gedung Sate and its surrounding tropical gardens.

Some architectural notes of Gedung Sate:
Gedung Sate was designed by architect J. Gerber. The construction began on July 27, 1920, and was completed in four years. According to Bandung historian Haryoto Kunto, thousands of workers were involved in its construction, including a number of craftsmen and artisans who were especially invited from China to do the detailed ornaments of the building.

Gedung Sate's architecture is unique in that it combines Western architectural design and elements adopted from local and regional architecture. The tiered roof at the center, for example, is said to be adopted from the Balinese temple "meru" structure. The ornaments of the main gate at the front is quite probably adopted from Thai temple architecture. While the doors, huge windows, and some wall ornamental features bear resemblance to Indian and Spanish architectural elements.

Gedung Sate has five levels (floors). The first three floors house the different departments of the Provincial Government of West Java. The fourth floor functions as an exhibition hall and a theater where historical photographs of Bandung and West Java are exhibited and a 30 minute documentary film of the same are screened for visitors. The fifth floor, which is located right under the tiered roof, can only be accessed through a speacial staircase. It functions as a terrace where the governor of West Java entertains guests of honors for tea or coffee. From this terrace tower, one can see the majestic Mount Tangkuban Parahu (which literally means: capsized boat) in the north and other mountains surounding Bandung plateau.


Hilda said...

Oh to be invited to dinner in that tower! Love the huge arched windows and the gardens.

Laurie said...

WOw, this is a government building!? It's beautiful. I love the combination of Western and local architecture. It's a great blend of elements.

And I'm with Hilda about that tower!

Thanks for bringing this image to us, Eki. And as always, your commentary is so interesting and informative. I love visiting your blog.


Interesting building with cross-cultural identities built into one. Looks like a good welcome center to visit for first timers. The gardens look pretty well maintained too.Will be on my list of "Places to go" next time to Bandung ( but don't know when yet)

Virginia said...

Another lovely feature of your beautiful city. THe grounds are marvelous as well.

Hendrawan said...

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Hendrawan said...

I'm sorry Eki, you should do something like declear or inform us that you change your domain with new one...
what do you think?

Blognote said...

That is a beautiful building!!
Thanks also for the interesting information you gave with it!

Rambling Woods said...

The gardens..oh my gosh, the garden is amazing. The building is pretty too and it's history interesting as well. I just wonder how much work it must be to maintain those gardens.