Saturday, October 18, 2008

City of People # 15: Students



There is nothing more wonderful than seeing young people seriously at work like what these students of mine are doing.

This is the fifteenth post of my "City of People" series. City of People, as you may remember from my previous posts, is a series that is aimed at capturing the photographs of the people of Bandung from different walks of life doing different kinds of activities.

Bandung, by the way, is one of Indonesia's major educational centers. In fact, one of its nicknames is "Kota Pelajar" (City of Students). There are a least 16 universities and 45 academies and professional schools in this city. Bandung is the home of the three oldest and most prestigious state universities in Indonesia: Bandung Institute of Technology or ITB (established in 1920), Padjadjaran University (established in 1958), and Indonesia University of Education (UPI, established in 1956).


Dina said...

Goodness, that IS a lot of educational institutions for one city!
Students who want to learn are such a pleasure for their teachers, parents, classmates.
I am not surprised that the young people here in your good photos are engrossed in their studies; they are lucky to have you for a teacher.

Dina said...

Wow!! that's a lot of universities. Here in Malta we only have one. So nice to have a teacher who enjoys his profession. Is Elementary /primary school in Bandung hard for children? I mean do they get lots of homework and tests? what age do children start school in your country?

Rambling Woods said...

Oh Eki..You are so fortunate. I had to retire from teaching early due to my multiple sclerosis and I miss it terribly. This photo brought tears to my eyes. Working with students is such an honor....Michelle..

Ming1881 said...

Good education is very important in my upbringing.

Nice to see a lot of teamwork in these photo.

Great series Eki.


JM said...

Very nice b&w shots of the students for the 'City of People' series, Eki!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing this information and for visiting my blog.

Layrayski said...

I agree there is something great about watching people learn.

That is a lot of universities! Wow!

Share my point of view... said...

That is what I call an education hub!

Reader Wil said...

So you are in Indonesia. The country where I grew up . I spent my childhood there till I was twelve. Great photos!

Reader Wil said...

Hi, thank you so much for your return visit! I grew up in Surabaya and in Malang. During the war we were in a concentration camp in Semarang. After the camp we went first for a month to Surabaya, then to Singapore for a month, and from there to the Netherlands. I have never been in Bandung, but I know that it's a great place! Thanks again! Terima kassi banyak! ( I don't know how to spell it, sorry)

Anonymous said...

It is an excellent series idea and the black and white photos are really stunning to see. Thanks for the series and all the information about your city and the educational opportunities there.

How does the tuition cost compare with other nations on average. Higher, lower, about the same?

Catherine said...

Thanks to make us discover your country. Dina from Jerusalem Hills has told the essential. So good that students kept their will to study. As soon as it is not a duty, learning is a pleasure.

It sounds like the "Brain city"! ; )