Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ammy, the Violinist

His name's Ammy Kurniawan. He is a Fine Art-ist by education. He graduated from the Fine Art Department of Indonesia University of Education, Bandung. But he is best known as a violin soloist, music arranger and conductor, and an alternative strings and jazz musician. He is the founder and owner of Ammy Alternative Strings, a music school that he established to share his love for string instruments, and a member of 4Peniti (lit. 4 safety pins), an alternative indi music group that he established with his friends.

I love his performances, solo or with the 4Peniti. Here's a sample of his violin students' performance that I videotaped at Galeri Kriya Kulit Jawa Barat (West Java Leather Craft Exhibition) in Bandung on Augutst 7, 2010.

If you'd like to hear what kind of music the 4Peniti plays, you may want to go here. Let me know if you like and enjoy it. I do!

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