Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brownie Bulls-Eye

I spotted this curious looking old camera at a recent exhibition event held in the front yard of Gedung Sate. I didn't know what camera it was until I examined it closely. It was a KODAK Brownie! Since it was a personal collection, I asked the owner if I could hold it and take a photograph of it.

When I got home, I did a little internet research to find more information about it and learned that it was a Brownie Bulls-Eye.

The Bulls-Eye is one of nearly 100 models of Brownie cameras that was ever produced. It was produced between August 1954 and October 1960, used 620 rollfilm, and had Kodak Twindar lense. Its more complete technical specifications can be found here.

The Brownie is a remarkable camera. First introduced into the market in February 1900, it was the first camera that really revolutionized the practice of photography. Not only was it inexpensive (the first model was sold for [only] $1 each), but also portable and easy to use that even the youngest children could take decent photographs. It was with this camera that the concept of snapshot was made possible.


Dina said...

Oh what fun! I didn't know all this about the Brownies.
The Brownie Holiday was my first camera in childhood and it served me well until the age of 22.
Thanks Eki.

Photo Cache said...

first time to see that. it looks like a good one to be inside a curio cabinet for friends to look at when they visit your house.

Randy said...

What an excellent find! I have a few but not like this one.