Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Glimpse of Jalan Dago

Running north to south, Jalan Dago (now renamed Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda) is one of the longest and most historic streets in Bandung and one that's most celebrated.

Lined up with tall Damar Trees (Agathis Damara), a species of tree that is originated from the islands of Maluku and the Philippines and is considered in vulnerable status, Jalan Dago used to be an idylic street that connected the tea, coffee, and quinine warehouses on Jalan Merdeka in what is now the City Hall in the south and the plantations in the north. Only wealthy Dutch Preanger Planters used to have their villas and houses built along this street. That's how the street gained its prestige.

Over the years, especially during the period of rapid development of the city in the late 1980's through the late 1990's, the street gradually turned into a commercial area. Many of the historic and beautiful residences were - sadly - torn down or made over and replaced by newer buildings that are more suitable for business purposes. A lot of star hotels, restaurants, distros, and factory outlets (FO) have since sprung up along the street. Now it is no longer an idylic street where people could have a leisurely afternoon stoll, but an often-congested busy thoroughfare with a lot of business activities. Thanks to its greenery and prestigious reputation, however, the street remains a favorite place for many to hangout and wander, though no longer for leasure but for the shopping and dining pleasures it offers.


ruma said...

Wonderful cars are arrays...

From Japan.

Dina said...

A lot changed, eh?

Interesting that the sidewalk is not right next to the street. That is a very good idea.

Eki, that tree you asked about, it is new and strange to me. I will try to find its name someday.

Randy said...

I hate traffic. Looks like it was a long wait. Nice photo!

AB said...

I am sure one day they will find a way to funnel off the cars to somewhere else. I do hope so.