Monday, August 9, 2010

Origami in Bandung

A variety of creative communites was also taking part in yesterday's exhibition. One of them was Maya Hirai School of Origami.

Maya Hirai School of Origami was established by Maya Ismayanti, a housewife and a mother of four children, on November 11, 2009. Maya learned the art of origami from Takako Hirai San, one of the most respected origami teachers in Japan, when she accompanied her husband to study there.

Maya's origami school is the offspring of the origami internet community that she established (while she was still in Japan) to share her enthusiasm for this old Japanese paper folding art. The enthusiastic responses she received from the members of her community and the continuous overflow of invitations she received to conduct workshops throughout the country eventually made her decide to open her own origami school.

Maya, who is now considered to be a foremost origami sinsei (teacher) in Indonesia, is the holder of Nippon Origami Association (NOA) certificate. She now lives in Bandung with her family.

These paper dolls are some of the items that were exhibited at her school's booth at the exhibition.

An intricate and colorful paper cube chain. It's amazing what origami can do.


arabesque said...

wow, they're so fascinating to look at, but i don;t think i've the patience to do it. ^0^
origami, sadly isn;t my thing.^0^
but i do love the dolls though and how they're made, that is some talent. ^0^

Photo Cache said...

these are outstanding examples of what origami can really do. i would love to learn based on these images.

Dina said...

A nice success story.
Pretty things.

PHOTO RIAU said...

beautiful and creative