Monday, August 30, 2010

Dago Tea House Open Air Theater

This is the open air theater of the West Java Cultural Park, popularly known as Dago Thee Huis (Dago Tea House).

The West Java Cultural Park is located in the northern hills of Bandung's Dago area in what used to be a tea plantation and a club house where the Dutch planters enjoyed afternoon tea in the colonial time, thus the popular name Dago Thee Huis (Dago Tea House).

This cultural park has an indoor theater and outdoor theater (pictured above), where traditional Sundanese performing arts are regularly performed, a park, arts shops, and a restaurant where visitors can enjoy traditional Sundanese cuisines.


Leif Hagen said...

It looks like a wonderful place to see a performance or listen to a band or singer - especially if the weather is nice!

Life in Egypt said...

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The italian restaurant is good, but run by a bunch of dagos.

Hilda said...

This cultural park sounds like a wonderful place, especially since we don't have anything like it. Love the lines in your photo!

Photo Cache said...

Are you far from the volcano that erupted after 400 years? Hope everyone's okay.

Yukiya said...

Last time I went to Bandung, I tried to find where I can enjoy Sundanese music. Sunda style dangdut at the night club was great, but exept the angklung performance that was not bad but not enough artistic, I couldn't find any music more close to traditional Sunda music.

I appreciate if you could suggest the good place that I can enjoy this kind of music... such as Degung Kawih, Tembang Sunda, Jaipong... or Pop Sunda is also good. I always enjoy them on CD, Kaset or internet, and love them all. Thank you!