Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Cell Phone Cult

A cult is a pejorative term that is usually ascribed to a group of people who are believed to have a strange set of beliefs or practices. This derogatory sense of the word emerged only in the late 20th century and is considered subjectively judgmental. The term was invented - sort of - by an anti-authoritarian movement who considered exploitative authoritarianism as a potentially dangerous thing. The term "cult" is usually applied to a minority group in a society.

With this definition in mind, can a group of people who believe or do strange things with (or because of) their cell phones be considered a cult? And if so, are we not a member of it? (Just a naughty thought and question here ... ^_^)


Mood, call me Mahmood said...

It's an obssession no doubt. Can you leave home without it?

Photo Cache said...

The times have certainly become cell phone age. I may be the only one who's not ga-ga over this part of the technological world.

jeannette said...

It IS a cult!! And the latest detail of that cult, that I'm not a part of, is "texting."

fini said...

Good thoughts:) First it was only for the high class, now it becomes a necessity, some can't leave without it!! Even a 7 year old now owns a cell phone =sigh=
I'm still OK without it, though.. Not so ga ga over the latest technology of blackberry and iphone and stuff like that..As long as I can make a call then I'll be fine :)