Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bandung Pinhole Community

This is the exhibit of photographs taken with pinhole cameras at the booth of Komunitas Lubang Jarum Indonesia (KLJI) Bandung at last Sunday's West Java Leather Craft Galery event.

KLJI is a member of Pinhole Indonesia, Indonesia's network of pinhole photography lovers.

Here is one of the cameras used to take the exhibit photos. As you can see, a pinhole camera is very simple. It has no lense and consists of a light-proof chamber, where you place a photographic paper or film, a hole the size of a pin (thus the name pinhole) to let in the light that is needed to expose the paper or film, and a lid that opens and closes the hole to control the exposure. The chamber may be of any shapes. In the above photo, the chamber is triangular. This kind of chamber will produce a wide-angle or panoramic image.

A pinhole camera can also have an zoom in and zoom out capability. To do that, the chamber has to have the shape of a rectangular beam and the medium of exposure (film or photographic paper) has to be placed on a seperate slider (see the above photo). If you are interested in making your own pinhole camera, this Kodak article may be of interest to you.


Mood, call me Mahmood said...

Love this post. Bandung seems to meet its mark as a creative city.
(BTW, Salam Ramadan & Selamat Berpuasa)

Dina said...

That's pretty amazing.

PHOTO RIAU said...

Komunitas yang kreatif dari anak2 muda Bandung