Monday, July 7, 2008

Campus Center, Bandung Institute of Technology

Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Bandung Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung or ITB) is one of Indonesia's top notch higher education institutions and the pride of Bandung. It is one of Indonesia's oldest colleges (established in 1920 under the name Technische Hooge School de Bandung) and one of five Indonesian higher education institutions that has made it to world's top 500 colleges (ranked 258).

Pictured above is the east wing of ITB's Campus Center. According to its website, the building was designed by Baskoro Tedjo, was dedicated in 2005, and is used mainly for seminars, discussions, and exhebitions. The west wing - opposite this building - meanwhile, houses the student center where different students' curricular and extracurricular organizations have their offices. Bridging these two wings is a lower ground circular glass building - underneath the foreground lawn in the picture - where the college's history, achievements, and artifacts are displayed.

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Joy said...

Where are the students? :-) It's an interesting structure. The only university I've visited in Indonesia is the Petra Christian University where I ran a series of workshops for the teachers.

Many thanks for your visits to Norwich Daily Photo. I have just celebrated my first year anniversary and I hope you'll take a peek! I have just started my Summer Hues series and I hope you'll enjoy it. I have also caught up with all the photos I missed to post since the 9th of June. So they're all there now :-)

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