Sunday, July 27, 2008

City of People: Friends


Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Family and friends are what makes a city (or a land) a home. Bandung is my home (and a home to many others like me) because I have a family and friends who live here.

I have lived overseas, visited many wonderful cities and countries, and met with friendly people whereever I went. Bandung may not be as great as some of those cities, but it is this city that I always want to come back to.

This is the fourth picture in the CITY OF PEOPLE series. Please scroll down for the previous posts.


Anonymous said...

nice shot, love the angle, and friends is forever!!

Rambling Woods said...

Eki..You have such a way of expressing yourself and English isn't even your first language!!!

You're right, it is only home because we have family and friends. I think we have such a strong need to belong and to have connections that where we live as in location doesn't really matter as long as we are loved and cared for.

You got me thinking tonight and that is good.

I was noticing that the young men could be anywhere in any shopping center. The clothes are the same, the hair is the same and the stores look the same.

Have we lost something in becoming this global community? Are the things we share enough to overcome some of our differences?

It seems that you are right, we are like the blue jays who don't want to leave home. Good night Eki!

Guntur Purwanto S said...

I always love your shots! :)

Thanks for the help!

Tash said...

Good capture of good friends. Interestingly enough, even though you are across the world from here, those boys would fit right in at PV mall on Friday's for middle schooler teen night. I like your commentary - it's very true & insightful.

Anonymous said...

We have an old saying here that goes like this: "There is no place like home." And for us, there is no place like our home.

And the other one is: "All roads lead home."

And they do. You can get on any road and eventually get back home.

It is a good post and a good series of posts about your home and the people who live there.

Virginia said...

I am enjoying seeing the people in your city. Nice shot of these 3 friends, so natural.