Friday, July 18, 2008

PUSDAI Roof Interior

Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan

This is the roof interior view of the PUSDAI (Center for Islamic Studies) mosque, one of the largest mosques in the city of Bandung. It occupies an area of 4.5 hectares at Diponegoro street, near West Java Govenor's Office Mansion Complex, Gedung Sate. The mosque was designed by a local architect Slamet Sonjaya. The construction of the center began in 1992 and was only completed in 1997.

Many mosques in Indonesia use the local elements in their architecture and design. The designs of the roof's wood structure, ornaments, and the chandelier pictured above, for example, are adapted from the Sundanese tranditional house architecture. Like the mosque architecture, Islam in Indonesia is generally a religion which has been assimilated into the local cultures and values.

Here is a link to a blog article by Prof. Bambang Setiabudhi of the Department of Architecture at Bandung Institute of Technology, discussing mosque architecture in Indonesia.


Virginia said...

This is beautiful . I love the geometric pattern and the color against the dark brown or black lines. Lovely!

Michelle said...

A lot of interesting information here and at the referral sites you listed Eki..Of course things I wouldn't know about. The ceiling is wood? It's beautiful..

Murphy_jay said...

Wow..Eki..this is beautiful.

I have never been to a mosque, but judging from what I see on TV, the mosques here does not seem to have such beautiful structures on the ceiling.

The color of the tiles and the lovely chandelier complement each other perfectly.

It reminds me of the ceiling I saw in a palace in Prague.

Rosy said...

Beautiful design of the ceiling for use, even the colors are wonderfully tasteful too.

You have a very nice blog here too.

magiceye said...

wow lovely symetry!

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Lovely! Perfect use of the lighting in this shot, Eki.

babooshka said...

This so beautiful, and I am surprsed to learn so modern. In the west this aged buliding would lack any aesthetic features. Lovely image.

Anonymous said...

Yg laen pake english abdi mah pake bahasa sunda wae nya,eta gambar teh meni sae pisan warna sareng garis-garisna meni beautiful kitu,maju terus kang eki,eh coba kamari foto abdi nuju ngantosan mas eki di pasangnya,exspresina meni BT pisan...he...he...from:one'