Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ciwalini Hot Water Spring Pool

Text and pictures by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Ciwalini is the name a place in the south of Bandung and a large tea plantation where this hot water spring and open air pool is located. Being surrounded by mountains and active volcanoes, Bandung naturally has a number of hot water springs. Unlike some other hot water springs which have become commercialized resorts, however, Ciwalini remains a popular destination.


dallas daily photo said...

This hot spring pool sounds wonderful! There's one in the Philippines that I go to, but it's very far away.

Meead Saberi K. said...

Hi Eki, thanks for your comments.
You have nice photos in your blog.
I am glad to make a new friend from Indonsia.

Anonymous said...

Really nice photos, and such colors and it even looks like it is about to rain there. I like your work a lot and wish I could smell the smells and hear the sounds of your city.

magiceye said...

lovely place to spend a day!

looks like its going to rain! would be fun!!

Shoshana said...

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Steve Buser said...

That looks like such a soothing place. Very inviting.

Murphy_jay said...

Hi Eki..looks like the kids are fun but their mums are bringing them back becos of the coming rain?

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Susan Carrier said...

This water park seems very uncrowded compared to Raging Waters, a park in the LA area. There you'll find wall-to-wall people in the pools and river and hour-long waits from some rides.

I'm surprised by the lack of landscaping around the pools and amused by the bridges.

A waterfall would be a nice addition.