Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Introducing Candidates of Bandung Mayoral Election

Text and pictures by Eki Qushay Akhwan

Bandung is scheduled to hold the election for its next mayor and deputy mayor on August 10. Today, Wednesday, July 23, marks the beginning of the official campaigning pediod, which will last until August 6.

Here are the tids and bits of who and what about the candidates:

calwakot bandung 2008 dada ayi

This is Dada Rosada, the incumbent mayor, and his running mate, Avi Vivananda, who is currently a member of the city council. Dada and Ayi, as they like to be called, are running with the support of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) and Golkar, the largest political parties in the country. Dada, who was born in Bandung on April 29, 1947, holds a Master's degree in Public Administration and is a career bureaucrat. His younger running mate (born in 1967), Ayi, has a law degree, and is a career politician. As seen on the banner above, their campaign reads "Move on and Make History. They are not those who only make promises!!!"

calwakot bandung 2008 trendi

The second pair of candidates are Dr. Taufikurahman (Taufik) and Deni Tresnahadi (Abu Syauqi). Dr Taufikurahman, who was born in Bekasi (a city in the notht of West Java) on September 13, 1961, is an academician and lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology. He has a Ph.D from the University College of Swansea, UK. His running mate, Deni Tresnahadi, who was born in Bandung in 1968, is a businessman. They are the offical candidates of PKS (Justice and Prosperous Party), a small and increasingly more popular Islamic party in Indonesia. PKS won the majority seat at the election for the city council members in 2004. Their campaign banner pictured above reads "Please support the candidates for the mayor and deputy mayor of Bandung 2005 - 2013 from the Justice and Prosperous Party " and their campaign catch word "Bandung Bangkit" (Bandung Raising).

Both Taufik and Abu Syauqi are said to be active bloggers who have a lot of fans among Bandung blogger community.

calwakot bandung 2008 hudaya nahadi

E. Hudaya Prawira (born in Bandung on September 17, 1949) and his running mate, Nahadi, (born in Bekasi in 1971) are independent candidates. Hudaya is a senior civil servant and Nahadi is a lecturer. Their campaign banner pictured above reads "HADI (Hudaya-Nahadi), Indipendent Candidates for Mayor and Deputy Mayor. It's time to choose/elect non-partisan, independent leaders. [We're] ready to serve!"


Jangan said...

Can any of these candidates really make a difference to the social problems in Bandung?

Michelle said...

A campaign poster is a campaign poster no matter where you are. It seems that one pair wants to appear to be more "young" and happy and other pair more "serious" and worldly. You present such interesting information Eki and I love your photos too!

ria said...

the style of campaign billboard shows the creativity of selected candidates team. is it aimed just to attract the voices in the election day or to show their programs in which make the better life in Bandung? well, we'll see the improvement of it when the day comes.

... said...

Election time? Oh dear. Let the circus begin!

(and good luck to Bandung...I really hope you get the politicians you deserve)

Murphy_jay said...

I think the digital arena is becoming more important nowadays as an area to gather votes and spread influence.

I have no confidence in politicians.

I hope whoever wins in Bandung election is able to bring progress and prosperity to your city.

Andri Setiawan said...

so, Bandung situation is getting hotter huh ;)