Saturday, July 12, 2008

Motorbikers' City: Parking

Text and picture by Eki Qushay Akhwan
You might remember from one of my June postings that Bandung is a motorbikers' city. Motorbikes like these are the main mode of transportation in this city. Here is how they look when they are parked. I took this picture from my office window on the third floor zooming in with my small digital camera. The picture quality doesn't look too good, I'm afraid. But I like this picture.


Michelle said...

I like the photo Eki..I think with the price of gas in the states, many more people are riding bicycles or motorcycles..

Hilda said...

I like it too. =)

Because their prices are dropping—and because gasoline's skyrocketing—motorbikes and scooters are gaining popularity here in Metro Manila too. I just wish their drivers would show a little discipline sometimes. They even drive on the sidewalks!

Dina said...

I like your photo a lot.
Can you believe? -- I once got a police ticket for parking my little Honda 50 in a non-motorcycle parking zone at my university in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I like these looking down photos, Eki. I got one or had one of two red honda bikes. A long time ago.

Lots of people here in Ohio, where I live, are thinking about buying Vespa scooters because of the price of gasoline is now over $4.00 US Dollars a gallon.

Murphy_jay said...

This is a unique angle of capturing the vehicle..nice ;)

Motorcyclists can sometimes be quite scary in the road over here. They like to sneak their way through gaps between cars and if you are not careful, you may just miss one and bamm..
Not sure if you have heard of the Mat Rempits over here.. well they are a crowd you don't want to get into trouble with.

Dina said...

Dear Eki, please come over to Jerusalem Hills and accept an award for your blog.

Meead S. said...

Nice photo!
Only two of them have helmet